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How to Reduce Shipping Charges

Reduce domestic and international trade show shipping charges by following the tips below.

Plan Ahead

Request a written shipping quotation at least 60 days before your ship date. Though fuel may fluctuate, EAX Worldwide will lock in your transportation rate thus allowing you to plan your budget and stick to it.

Request a shipment quotation:

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Work with Experts in Exhibit Transportation

EAX Worldwide is familiar with show details. i.e.: deadline arrival dates, driver check-in times, advanced warehouse location and facility personnel.

Use Small/Medium, Completely Packed Boxes

Compact boxes allow less opportunity for contents to shift and damage. Using larger, less than full containers may result in the dimensional weight of your package to exceed the actual weight of the goods inside. EAX Worldwide transportation charges are based on a per pound rate not per piece.


Beware of the “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” prices from carriers not affiliated with your event. You may be victim of hidden costs, over commitment and unreliable service.

One Stop Shopping

Do the math. Sometimes one stop shopping is no bargain at all. Contractors may charge “Bundle Package Rates”. It may appear that you are saving money in one area, but is it being made up in another? Ask for an itemized quote for all services.

Avoid incurring Accessorial Charges

Have your shipment ready on a weekday during normal shipping hours. Narrowed pick-up windows are considered “specials” and cost you money.

Advanced Warehouse vs. Direct to Show Site

There is often a price difference when selecting to deliver your goods to the advanced receiving warehouse versus directly to show site. Please refer to your Exhibitor Service Manual.

Cut Down on Shipping Segments

Shipping show to show versus back to your facility between events eliminates an additional shipment thus saving you money.

Protect Your Shipment

Label each piece. Also, include a business card within each piece just in case the label becomes detached.

Know Your Deadlines

Avoid late fees by following the guidelines established in the Exhibitor Service Manual.