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How to Complete a Commercial Invoice

(A) Shipper:
Enter your company name and shipping address.

(B) Consignee:
Enter your company name, booth number and information as shown.

(C) Tax ID #:
Your Company EIN or Federal Tax ID number.

(D) Case #:
Indicate piece number, for example Box 1 of 4.

(E) Dimensions:
Note the dimensions of each piece in inches.

(F) Weight:
Estimate the weight of each piece in kilos or pounds.

(G) Description of Goods:
Indicate the contents of each box. In the case of computers or other electronic equipment, indicate the Serial No: and any other pertinent licensing information on the back of the product. (see CI example Case #4)

(H) Country of Manufacturing:
Indicate the country where the goods were manufactured.

(I) Quantity:
Indicate the quantity of each item in the case.

(J) Total Value:
Indicate the total value of the items in each case in US Dollars. The value indicated should be the fair market value of the goods based on age and relation to the value of similar products.

(K) Remarks:
Indicate a “P” if the goods will remain in Canada at the close of the event.
Indicate a “T” if the goods will be returning to the US at the close of the event.